This Is What Happens When You Let 100 Artists Decorate A School

Published on July 18, 2018

Comment from this video :

Karen A Martin The fact that the artists did all this beautiful work knowing they were going to destroy all of it is an insult to their work. I am a teacher and l would love a school decorated with this beautiful work – l see inspiration – l see creative writing activities – l see math – l see history. I see very beautiful art work that should be repainted. My opinion.

Priscilla Allen Wait… So they had artists come and spend time to do art just to cover it up? All that long, hard work and students don’t even get to experience it? If it just gets covered up, what’s the point?

Linda Williams Bittle My daughter was asked by the ag. Teacher to paint a mural on his wall at school she did so and the principal painted over it 3 times so she refused senior year. And the principal asked her to repaint after he found out she was a painter that actually sold paintings over $1000. She refused because he had kept painting over her originals


Patty Hepner Why are people afraid of expression??? I am so tired of things being plain. Put some color in your life and enjoy the beauty of ART. You don’t have to be on drugs!! That is how some relate to psychedelic colors and art that is more than an apple and some grapes on a table. Express yourself, you may like it.

Ileana Creager So, they have these amazing works of art but they are going to get rid of them because of “renovation”?? That is ridiculous, let’s go back to bland walls that do not inspire anyone to dream and achieve those dreams. I guess that is education nowadays, to conform to a mold never daring to be different, to be great…how sad. 

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